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Exotic pets is much more than just an online store! We are a group of people passionate about making changes in the animal industry.. More than 7.6million companion animals enter animal shelters world wide per year, 2.6million get put to sleep forever. So the best way to make change is start from the beginning and only buy from a reputable breeder who will sell desexed-microchipped and fully vet checked animals.. Unregistered pound animals can get put to sleep within 72 hours with the current holding laws.. A registered animal will be held between 8-10 days. Our 5 year goal is to reduce both these numbers significantly! And with your help its possible


Our online registered breeders come with a star rating to keep everyone honest and trusted. We will also be introducing an online store to buy pet food and pet products from sponsored retailers, and an online forum that will be monitored for pet education and advice from our group of vets,vet nurses and breeders.


Once the online store is setup we will be donating $1 from every retail sale towards a non for profit shelter foundation to create a @exoticpets.com animal retreat for all creatures big and small. They will loved , cared for , fed and looked after until they paw their way back into loving hearts of a new family.

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose buying from us. We are not just experienced but we treat our pet with pet loving affections and care needed. Our animals are fully tame and healthy. We train them in pet loving environments and trained by experts who give them the best home training you could possibly find worldwide.

All our exotic pets will be of great additions to your family as they are fully tame and medically current.

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