Blanc de Hotot Rabbit is a friendly breed that loves spending time with people. This breed enjoys affection and they are quite affectionate in return. These rabbits are good with children and make wonderful pets. Good with singles, seniors, Families with children, and first-time owners and perfect for Apartment or House. It is also known as the "Eyes of the Fancy".


Size: This rabbit breed has a large body shape which weighs anywhere from 8-11 lbs.


Temperament & Personality: They have a sweet dispositions making Blanc de Hotots great for families. Rabbits tend to do best when they are the only animal in the house, but they are known to be friendly towards other pets such as dogs so long as they grow up with them.
To have a well-rounded, friendly rabbit, owners need to take the time to play with them. Owners cannot expect to have a friendly rabbit without putting in the effort. They need to explore their surroundings with plenty of love in the form of cuddling and petting their backs, ears and head. Rabbits who are exposed to these conditions will learn to be sweet, affectionate pets.


Activity Requirements: They enjoys running back and forth in its cage and playing with toys. They are able to keep themselves entertained much of the day with a simple toy, such as a ping-pong ball or paper towel tube. It should be provided with a toy or two, and let out of its cage to play. They are easy to train, and many enjoy being carried around or sitting in your lap.


Cage Requirements: 24"x24" cage is sufficient, and an 18"x24" cage is big enough if it is let out to play every day.


Diet: A well-balanced diet consisting mostly of hay also about a quarter cup of rabbit pellets per day. It also enjoys occasional treats, such as carrots and rolled oats.


Grooming Requirements: Weekly brushing for your pet rabbit is necessary for this breeds health and happiness. Excess fur should be removed weekly, either with a soft bristled brush or damp hand in order to prevent intestinal blockages.


Colors: This rabbit has a compact body with complete white color. Their body is thickset and somewhat rounded. There are black color bands around their each eye which give them 'the appearance of fine spectacles around the eye'. Hotots that conform to the breed standards are solid white with black around the eyes. Also black and chocolate varieties as well.


History: The Blanc de Hotot was developed in Hotot-en-Auge, Normandy, France by Eugénie Bernhard, a noted rabbit breeder. Around 1902, Bernhard crossed Vienna White and Checkered Giant rabbits with white Flemish Giants, and by 1912 produced what is recognized as the first Blanc de Hotot rabbit.


Origin: Normandy, France

Hypoallergenic: No

Life span: 7 to 10 years

Temperament: Sweet, active, friendly, docile

Weight: 3.5 lbs

Colors: solid white, white, black, black and chocolate

Blanc de Hotot Rabbit


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