Eclectus Parrots are one of the few species that are sexually dimorphic. This means that you can actually tell whether the parrot is male or female just by looking at the color of the plumage. Males are almost entirely green with red under the wings, and a bit of blue on the shoulders. They are known for their candy corn beaks, which are smooth and shiny and look just like candy corn (but without the white bit)! Females, on the other hand, are primarily red with purple or blue stomachs and shoulders. Their beaks are smooth and shiny as well, but they are black in color. The eyes of both the male and female are yellow. There are several species of Eclectus, but we only offer Solomon Island Eclectus. We have found this sub-species to be much less prone to self-mutilation (in the form of feather plucking) and more calm and gentle than say Vos Maries or Red-Sided Eclectus.

** A special note about Eclectus Parrots — Eclectus Parrots have very particular dietary requirements. They need lots of fresh vegetables and plenty of calcium. Many enjoy fresh fruit as well, but variety is key. They also should not be fed foods with artificial coloring as it tends to mess with their feathers. An Eclectus that has been eating artificially colored foods may molt out his green feathers and grow yellow ones instead! When their dietary needs are not being met, these birds may resort to feather plucking. Zupreem Natural Pellets combined with Volkman Avian Science Super Eclectus seed diet is a good foundation for their primary diet.

Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot Male


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