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When buying an exotic animals from us, we ask clients for some basic information so we can legally change and transfer the ownership of the pets to their names proving they are then new legit owners of the pet before proceeding with payment and delivery. Transportation charges are normally asked to be paid for all clients who are out of the country, state and city. The transportation fee depends on the distance. Shipping is done via airlines and delivery is directly to house address of the buyer and normally all buyers must provide appropriate time intervals within which they must be available at their delivery address on the specific time they provide


Two types of flights are provided. transit and direct flight. We always advise clients to make all payments within the time interval we provide to them so they can always have their pets take direct flights. Transit flight always requires a lot and quarantines might be involved too, cost or charges are determined by the distance and time covered to deliver the exotic animals to your location. The more the distance, the more the transportation charges. Always ask for a delivery form to sign before receiving your exotic pet.


Airline Shipping

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Return & Exchange Policy

Before purchasing from us we have some few policies all our buyers have to consider and note before proceeding.


- All deposits are non refundable . Deposit cost are paid in conditions for reservations motives and can't be refunded.


- Buyer must provide time to complete the payment for the sales fee for any exotic pet reserved.


- All transportation charges paid are non refundable and in cases where you choose to reserve another animal instead of the one you previously reserved without taking, you will loose 50 % of the reservation fee.


- In cases where the buyer is not present at the delivery address or wishes for us to keep the exotic pet till he or she returns, then a fee of 17 $ will be charged daily for feeding and accommodation .

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